Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve

Late afternoon, we headed out to Abbotsford to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my parents. Our tradition the last couple of years is to go to Christmas Eve Service, Eat some Appetizers, Do a puzzle with my family and stay overnight at my parents house for Christmas morning and day with them.

Here is Madeline with her Grammy ready to head to Christmas Eve Service.
Before we went the girls needed lips on just like grammy. You see papa in the background looking sturnly, not on my little girls, they don't need makeup. My dad has never liked makeup so he was making sure that his little girls didn't have too much on them.

Here is Madeline and her cousin Addysen, they love each other so much. They are like sisters, love each other, fight a little, love each other and it goes on and on. I am so glad she can have a close relationship with her cousin.

Here are the girls with their papa, all fancied up for Church. Can you see grammy and papa bought them matching dresses, just like sisters, they have to be the same all the time, it is so cute!

Christmas Eve Day

So we decided this year to do Madeline's Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, since it was going to be a busy Christmas day at Papa and Grammy Albertsons. She had no idea what was happening, but we got her up and she headed down the hall. As a daily routine, she started turning toward the kitchen, when she turned around and made a double take for the Christmas tree. There were gifts and a special gift that daddy had pre made for her too see when she looked at the tree. She was so excited and we were thrilled that she had made such a great reaction.

Here she is with her butterfly wings, she had been requesting these wings since she played with one of our friends little girls. She was thrilled when she opened them and had to put them on right away. I absolutley love this picture because it shows her excitement so well.

This is the gift that was under the tree on Christmas moring. When she saw it she yelled BIKE and had to try it out right away. Don't you just love the princess dress, wings and dress up shoes. My stylish little girl going for a bike ride.

Oh how this Christmas was so fun to watch her open her gifts and actually enjoy them.

This was her first reaction to the bike, absolute shock and excitement. I can't believe that this is her 3rd Christmas, and a Christmas that we are so grateful to enjoy with her. God has given us such a wonderful gift and we enjoy every moment of it.

Burnaby Village

We decided that this year we would check out the Burnaby Village Museum Christmas Display. So we invited my parents, headed to White Spot in Langley, and then drove to Burnaby. We had another great time, I have wanted to go for years, but we never seem to find the time in the busy Christmas Season. Burnaby Village does a great job, decorating for Christmas.

Here is Madeline with her papa and grammy, posing with the reindeer. I love this picture, such a great memory!
Papa and Madeline enjoying the village together. She just loves her papa.

In the old train. We were so close to closing time, we only wish we had gone earlier. There was so much to enjoy!
The Caroseul ride, Madeline absolutley loved it. I have never seen a caroseul go so fast. It was great!

Checking out Father Christmas. This is as close to ho ho that she would get. He just thought she was great. She kept saying it's ho ho, over and over again. She only got this close because he had a candy stick for her!!! It was cute!
This will be another tradition that we will be sure to add to our many Christmas outings!

Christmas Tea Party

For the past two years, my mom, sister, daughters and I all head to Tracey Cakes for a Christmas Tea Party. The girls love tea parties! This year was different again, the girls had more patience waiting for the lunch and their cupcake. I am sure every year will get better and I look forward to watching them grow up and enjoy the tradition more and more.

Here are the girls with my mom, also known as grammy. Looking fabulous for our tea party!

Here are the girls sitting outside of a fabulous store in Abbotsford, where the got the cutest jackets. Grammy loves spoiling them.

Enjoying the cupcake, they were so excited as I am sure you can tell.

Addysen checking out her lunch. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Apple Juice and Veggies. Yummy!

Madeline and Mommy having another great time at our Christmas Tea Party. Oh how I enjoy having a little girl. Thanks Grammy for taking us on a Christmas Tea Party to Tracey Cakes in Abbotsford. Another great Christmas Tradition!

Gingerbread House

Every year, we enjoy making a Gingerbread house. This is the first year that Madeline got invovled in the Christmas Tradion and she loved it. I have to admit I am a wee bit Particular about how it is decorated, but this year I decided to just let Madeline go for it and put my ideas to the wayside.

Here she is enjoying decorating the house. She put a lot of the candy on the house, but also ate her fair share of candy. We are on a little bit of a sugar detox since Christmas is over.

I have to admit she is very particular in her own way as well. It is so neat to see how much she is like Ed and myself. I just thank God daily for the wonderful gift that she is to us.

This is definitley another Christmas Tradition that we will keep for the upcoming years.

Santa Claus Parade

We decided that the weekend we visit the Stanley Park Christmas Train, we would also go to the Rogers Santa Claus Parade. So we packed up our suitcase and headed to my parents condo in Vancouver. It was a full house there, my sister and her family came and also my parents. We had a wonderful time together.
Now being the first Santa Claus parade we had ever attended as a family, we had heard that people line up hours in advance to get a good seat. So we decided to join in the crowds and wait a couple of hours for the parade to start. It was a really chilly day in Vancouver, so we bundled up, expecially Madeline as you will see in one of the pictures below and wait with the many crowds.

Here are Madeline and Ed enjoying the parade. In fact, they were so cute, that they made it in the Province for one of there pictures of the Santa Claus Parade. We were thrilled when we found out!
Here is Madeline all bundled up, waiting for Santa Claus to come. We had another great day adding to our many Christmas Traditions. Thanks Mom and Dad for having a great condo for us to use when we come to Vancouver.

Stanley Park Christmas Train

We headed out to the Stanley Park Christmas Train. It was a wonderful evening with my sister and family & my mom and dad, eventhough it was extremely cold. The girls absolutley loved everything, it's funny what a difference a year makes.

Here Madeline and I are waiting for our turn on the Christmas Train. I just can't believe that she is mine, she is so cute!

Our little family getting a picture, a little far away, but we tried!

My sister and her family posing for a picture.

My dad or otherwise known as Papa, getting a picture with his girlies. I love this picture, you can see how much he enjoys these little ladies!

Madeline giving a donation to the firefighter and in return she got a candy cane, she was so excited. For the rest of the weekend she talked about firefighters, it was so cute!